Love Day

We spent our Valentine’s Day at Baker Beach, basking in the sun just west of the Golden Gate Bridge.  (But staying out of that frigid water!)  Tilly was especially talkative, and chatted with some crab fisherman for the better part of an hour.  That night we made a heart-shaped pizza and assembled Tilly’s new big girl bed.  Pretty fantastic day!  New bedroom pics to come.


23 weeks


One of us is 23 weeks pregnant.  The other is not…  Also, Tilly got a haircut!!

22 weeks

We’re so excited to be bringing another girl into our family! Tilly came with us to the ultrasound and just kept repeating “I’m having a baby sister!” the entire time. She seemed pretty relieved, haha.

I’ve still been feeling great, with the most boring pregnancy of all time. I’ve gained 14 lbs and have been feeling kicks since about 18 weeks!

We’ve been traveling a ton – we’ve flown to SoCal every 2 weeks since thanksgiving for holidays, a work meetings, a wedding, etc. Our plan is to stay put until mid-March, when Tilly and I board yet another plane to Long Beach, to go camping on Catalina Island with my work. The last time we did that I was pregnant with Tilly!

I’m having fun organizing Tilly’s room to make space for the baby. We considered getting T a twin bed but man-they’re huge! She’s going to finally move out of her crib and into a simple toddler bed from toys r us. I love the ceremonious prep work for welcoming a new baby. I know she won’t need the crib until a few months after she’s born but it’s just nice to transform our space as we prepare for her arrival.

In other news, we cut Tilly off of her pacifier, cold turkey! She was still using it at night and it was just time.  After one week, she still cries for it every night but it is getting easier. I recently noticed that when she closes her mouth, her molars touch but her front teeth don’t and it freaked me out. I had always hoped she’d just get rid of it on her own but we had to go and pull the plug ourselves. She got to trade them all in for a new toy, which helped ease the pain too.  She chose a purple unicorn named Nicholas (but it’s a girl).

I’ll end with this video, which we made for my brother John’s birthday last week.  Lately we’ve been baking sweets for far-away family members birthdays and then just sending them pictures of us eating them in celebration of them.  It’s fun to celebrate far away!

The happiest place on Earth

Last month we took Tilly to Disneyland for the first time!! It was an especially big deal for Josh and me since we spent so much time there growing up. We were already in OC for a wedding and a few days before we left, we decided to extend our trip by one day and go for it. We were thinking about going later this spring but 18 weeks pregnant at Disneyland is much easier than 30 weeks!

Two nights before we planned on going, Tilly spent the whole night throwing up. It was actually the first time she’s thrown up since she was a baby and she was pretty disgusted by the whole thing. She never had a fever, but the point of me including this detail is that she was at about 75% energy by the time we went to Disneyland on Sunday. It was a blessing in disguise because she never got too wound up or had any meltdowns or anything. It was smooooth sailing the whole day!

She went on three rides, Dumbo, It’s a Small World, and Peter Pan, and was most excited to meet all the characters, Ariel, Merida, the Ferry Godmother, Peter Pan, Minnie Mouse, etc. My sister and Frank met us after lunch and it was so cute to see the little cousins frolicking around together. The worst part of the day was the automated flushing toilets. Tilly wanted nothing to do with them! Luckily we found the family bathroom on main street, which has toddler-sized toilets with nice, normal flushing mechanisms. Phew!

We watched a parade right before we left around 5pm, which Tilly was mesmerized by. She thought the whole place was magical, and I quite agree!!

21 weeks


Starting to feel lots of kicks!  Itching to get Tilly a toddler bed and convert the crib back to a… crib.

20 weeks

IMG_9711Halfway there.  Hard to believe – feels like I’m just getting started.

So Much Joy

Here’s a peek at our Christmas Holiday.  It’s funny how excited we get to put up our decorations after Thanksgiving, and then how we can’t WAIT to take them down after New Year’s!  This holiday was especially exhausting for me. Oh wait, do I say that every year?  We had Christmas Eve and morning at home in SF, then we flew out Christmas day to spend the night at my dad and step-mom’s.  The next day was at Josh’s parent’s house, and the day after that was at my moms.  Sunday we flew home, and then on Monday Josh’s parents came to visit for 5 days.  They were helping Josh’s sister move in to her cute new Alameda apartment – lucky for us, they drove all the gifts we acquired back home, haha.

I so wanted to add “In the Morning” by Jack Johnson as the soundtrack to this video, but Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube kept busting me for copyright protection, so I’m stuck with this cheesy stock music.  Oh well!  If you know that song, sing it in your head.  It was my Christmas theme song this year.

And these are the gifts we keep
And this is the morning that we breathe
And then we see
These moments are the only gifts we need

18 weeks!


Feeling great! Wearing lots of black!

Number Two


I think I was in denial until this point.  I just didn’t feel like anything was different and I forgot about it most of the time… but yes, I am now 17 weeks pregnant!  It’s like it hit me after the holidays and bam, I have a big old belly and it feels real.  The picture above is from New Years Eve at Kyle’s house on the delta in Discovery Bay.  I may have been pregnant but it didn’t keep me off the dance floor!

We have a new obstetrician at UCSF, which is awesome because my appointments are just one floor above Josh’s office!  We’ll be delivering in the brand new UCSF Mission Bay hospital which is set to open next month.  I am really stoked about that.  We’ll be finding out the sex on Jan 28… a big topic of conversation in our house.

Tilly is over-the-moon stoked about having a baby brother or sister.  Whenever I leave, she says “I’m going to miss the baby while you’re gone” and even had a dream about it the other night – although she wants a sister badly, she dreamed it was a boy!  She often puts her head on my belly and says the baby is talking to her, it’s so sweet.  We answer all kinds of baby-related questions like How do babies eat when they’re in your belly and How do they get out of you… she knows about vaginal vs cesarean births and it’s hilarious to ask her to describe them.  Very matter of fact.  Actually, here she is sharing our good news on my facebook page:

Physically, this pregnancy is so similar to my last.  I’m sleepy and feel like barfing when I brush my teeth, but no other major symptoms.  But outside of the physical realm, it’s way different!  I used to nap all the time and take a bath every single night.  Now… there is no time for that at all!  What was Mary’s bathtime is now Tilly’s bedtime, and working in an office now means I can’t just check out and catch some zzz’s.  I mean, I could if I really needed to, but I’m mostly fine.  I also really missed drinking wine with my last pregnancy, but I hardly miss it at all this time!  So far I’ve gained 5 pounds, which I figure is average for the months of Sept – Dec, whether I’m pregnant or not. :)

All in all, I am less stressed and more “normal” this pregnancy, if that makes sense.  My due date is June 13 – one week after Tilly’s fourth birthday.  I’ll do my best to take weekly belly pics but who knows – writing on my blog is happening fewer and further between, but I know I’ll love to look back on it one day so I’m doing my best.


Let me count the ways

My love for Miss Talitha June grows fonder every day. She has such a particular way about her… she has all of the normal three year old tendencies, lots of questions, a wiggly body, and temper tantrums.  But then there’s the part that makes her uniquely Tilly.  The way she introduces me to her friends at preschool “Mama, I’d like to introduce you to my friend Cooper.  Cooper, this is my mama. (and then whispers) I’m going to marry him one day!”  The way she constantly assigns roles to everyone as if she’s the director in a play.  “I’m the chef, you’re the cook.  I’m Ariel, you’re Prince Eric.  I’m an animal, you’re the zoo keeper.  I’m the mama, you’re Tilly.”


The way she swoons over makeup and jewelry, not because she doesn’t like herself the way she naturally is, but because she likes the feeling of the sticky lip gloss, the clink of the bangles, the way the clip-on earring brushes against her neck when she twirls.  The way she gallops everywhere.  Rarely a run, occasionally a walk, but most often, it’s a gallop.  The way she tries to turn everything into a lasso so she can play cowgirl, and how she asked me if she could be a bull rider when she grows up.  10458036_10100330984701159_8477875335559805832_n

The way her eyes lit up when we saw the astronaut costume in the grocery store and we decided she just had to have it.  The way she is fascinated with her body and how it works and “wants to know EVERYTHING.” She told Buzz the mechanic next door that she got a library book about bodies so she can learn how butts work.  10711131_10100347303917319_1959437937023443028_n

The way she is baby crazy and wonders when she’ll have a baby of her own.  She makes references to her future little sister all the time, saving old toys and favorite dresses for her.  The way she grabs the ukulele whenever a good song comes on and seriously rocks out.  She has certain faces for slow songs and other faces for fast songs – it’s all in the eyebrows.  Usually mama is assigned the fiddle role and papa is asked to be drummer or bass player.   10345547_10100345192184249_4890279201896755881_n

The way she says “I love you” out of the blue to us about thirty times a day.  The way she thought to stuff a picture of me in her coat pocket when I leave for the day, so that she can pull it out when she misses me.  The way she worries about Josh when he plays soccer on Monday nights because he’s going to be up too late and may not get enough sleep.

Tilly – you are my precious, strong willed, kind, genius of a daughter and I LOVE YOU!