Lua is 3 months!

Lua is three months old already! She’s past the fourth trimester and is now a full fledged, smiling, babbling baby! She sleeps pretty well, either waking up at 2am or at 12 and 3. We have a rule, if she wakes up before two Josh does the feeding, and if she wakes up after two, I do the feeding. It works pretty well and we avoid unnecessary conversation in the middle of the night.


She’s not really on a napping schedule still. Today for example she took just one nap but it was for three hours straight. Most days it’s three one-hour naps but is hard when she’s getting lugged around so much and our schedule changes every day!  I’m sticking to a new rule where I leave the carseat in the car – it makes life so much easier and is much better for her too.  I mostly just carry her in our Maya Sling – she’s finally starting to like it!


Hmm what does Lua like to do? Twirl her hair, (always with her right hand), make sounds like she’s chit chatting, kick her legs a ton, lie in her bed and just contemplate quietly when everyone else thinks she’s sleeping, look at herself in the mirror, and she always lights up when Josh makes this little clicking sound with his tongue. It’s so cute, works like a charm.


We have a nanny share three days a week which is hosted at our apartment. We really love our share family, Lua and 9-month old Xavier are little best buds. We had a little hiccup when our first nanny had to move after just 3 weeks but our brand new nanny is adjusting now and I think she’s going to be wonderful.

Tilly is still over the moon in love with miss Lua. It’s so cute, although I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s a better mom than I am. Ha! She loves to help me bathe Lua and to sing to her, hold her bottle, go find the missing pacifier, etc.


Life certainly is hectic. I had a rough patch a few weeks ago where I was melting down every other day or so. But I think we’ve found our groove and can hopefully get into a good routine now. On Tuesdays I’ve been going to a new mama meetup set up by our neighborhood moms group which is great support! And Saturdays I’ve been going to my dance class at 8:30am, it’s like therapy/church/exercise all wrapped up in one and a half hours.

We just keep wondering… Is this going to get harder or easier? Probably a little of both I assume. I laugh when I look back at how easy one child was compared to what we’re working with now. And then I think, once we have three kids this is going to seem like a breeze!

We had a quick and fun visit from Nana and Coach this weekend, too (they babysat while I hosted Kate’s baby shower!)  They’ll be back at Halloween. :)


Lua is two months old! As they say, the days are long but the…

Lua is two months old! As they say, the days are long but the months are short. It’s funny how much easier baby number two is, it’s hard for me to truly decipher if it’s because she’s just a calm baby or if we’re just more relaxed and distracted. Likely some of both.

At this point Lua is very quiet, she could go a whole day without really crying. She makes sounds, but not big booming cries, more like a cough or something. We really have to pay attention to hear when she wakes up because it’s easy to miss! Physically, she’s pretty fidgety. She doesn’t seem to like being in a carrier yet, whenever I put her in, she starts banging her head against my chest after about 5 minutes. I’m hoping she’ll just get used to it soon because schlepping the car seat around several times a day is exhausting! And she really doesn’t mind tummy time as long as she has a pacifier in her mouth. Half the time she just falls asleep on her belly. She’s so sleepy! She’s great at making eye contact and smiling, my goodness she has the cutest smile! All three of us are giddy for her smile.

Tilly finally started to show some signs of stress last week which I’m correlating to the new baby. She didn’t have any ill will toward Lua, she was just emotional about everything and saying things like “do you even like me anymore?” Dagger to the heart!! I took her on two dates last week and she seems to be in better spirits. But besides that, she is such a little nanny in training! The other day when she left the room she said “mama I’ll be right back, keep an eye on Lua okay?” and “it’s alright, I can push the stroller. You can hold my hand if you need to.” I almost died laughing at that one!

Speaking of nannies, our nanny share starts three days a week next week. I’m kind of anxious but really just glad the whole nanny search is over – we interviewed 8 people and finally found the most perfect woman! She’s like a hippie Mary Poppins. So SF.

These days Lua goes to bed around 8:00pm and wakes up at 2:30 and 6:30. Then she’s awake for a while and falls asleep again when I take Tilly to school at 8:30. She sleeps most of the morning and is awake most of the afternoon.

At her 2 month checkup yesterday she was just about 12 pounds (65th percentile), 23 inches long (75th percentile) and her head was a 39cm circumference (85th percentile). Practically perfect in every way!

Summer of Swim! On July 3rd, Tilly hated the water. But ever…

Summer of Swim! On July 3rd, Tilly hated the water. But ever since July 4th, she has been obsessed with it! We went to Discovery Bay for the 4th of July weekend and she really got comfortable with jumping off the dock and dunking her head in. We couldn’t believe it! Since then, we’ve been swimming at our parents’ pools in the OC, to the Strawberry Canyon pool in Berkeley a few times, and last weekend we went swimming at Mia’s pool in San Jose and also Ryan and Roby’s pool in Duboce Triangle. It’s been super fun (and exhausting) but it’s time for some real swim lessons. Hopefully we’ll get in somewhere soon so we can keep this momentum up!

Tilly was doing so well for the last two months and now all of a…

Tilly was doing so well for the last two months and now all of a sudden she’s really having a hard time with her role as big sister. Well she’s still actually being a really loving and gentle sister but she’s just very emotional and needing a LOT of attention. Tonight Josh stayed home with Lua while Tilly and I went out on a date night after school. Pancake dinner at Gabriel’s and a trip to the bookstore where she picked out this button that says “adult”… She fell asleep much easier tonight! Maybe we’ll make it a weekly thing for a while.

I found this article that helped too.

Hello Lua!

Lua’s birth story:

40 weeks

I was several days past my due date of June 13th and doing everything I could to keep myself from going crazy.  Prenatal yoga, lunch and shopping with my mom in the Mission, a hike with Josh on Mt. Sutro and climbing the 300 mosaic stairs on Kirkham and 15th, floating in the pool at the Nob Hill Spa… but Miss Lua was taking her sweet time.  Just like her older sister, Lua Magnolia was born 5 days past her due date. And once again I went into labor at 2am!


I had been having regular contractions for two days actually but these were finally the real deal. Josh’s mom and sister had been spending the night at our apartment for several nights, ready to watch Tilly if we had to up and leave.  When the time came, we packed up a few things and were at the hospital by 3am. I labored in triage for about an hour before the doctor saw me and at that time I was finally admitted to a labor room. We were prepared with an extensive playlist for the labor but when the time came, all I wanted to listen to was Haim… I guess I needed some girl power to get me through. With Tilly I felt most of my contractions in my back but this time it was all in my lower abdomen. Josh compressed my hips during each contraction and the pressure really helped. Still, I requested an epidural as soon as I could. I had been throwing up, sweating profusely, and shaking from the adrenaline… As soon as the epidural hit I was so relieved! The nurse brought me a Popsicle and I just chilled out, it was an incredible relief.


By 8:30 I was dilated enough to start pushing! Even with the epidural, I could feel the top of my belly tighten with each contraction so I intuitively knew when to push. UCSF is a teaching hospital, so there were a ton of people in the room at that point. My mom was there, crying tears of joy from the corner, plus the midwife, two residents, two nurses, and one very fragile-looking undergrad watching from the corner… They got her a chair part way through the labor, I think she was about to faint! All of the doctors and nurses were women and each of them was totally beautiful. I swear, it was like I was on a TV show or something, they were all young and gorgeous and brilliant. I had to hold off pushing through a few contractions because the midwife got pulled away to another birth, but all in all I think I only pushed 5 or 6 times, and out she came at 9:33! Wow, the feeling of cathartic relief after Lua left my body was incredible.


She was 7lbs 12oz and 19.5 inches long. They set her on my chest immediately and Josh got to cut the umbilical cord! He didn’t get that chance with Tilly so he was pretty psyched. Oh my goodness what a gorgeous baby she was! That full head of hair, it must have been an inch long! I felt like she was ready for preschool the moment she was born. She nursed immediately, for a full hour.  At 10:30 Tilly came in and we were a family of four for the first time! I’ll never forget the adoration on Tilly’s face when she saw Lua. “She’s soooo cute!!” The brilliant nurses brought Tilly some celebratory ice cream as a gift from her sister, it was so sweet.

My dad and Jolynn, Kyle and Kate, Will, Rachael and Westley, and Josh’s family all visited us in the hospital the next couple of days. Just as we were about to go home I developed a pretty bad headache that turned out to be a spinal headache from the epidural. It lasted for 3 days and the only way to make it go away during that time was to lay completely flat on my back. A pretty strange and annoying phenomenon to say the least!


We’ve been home now for 2 weeks and Lua has been super easy going. The hardest part for me has been breast feeding – it just made me miserable and I stopped after about a week.  Lua lost 12.5% of her body weight within the first week (normal loss is 5-10%) so we started supplementing with formula pretty early on. I’m happy to say at her 2 week check up today, Lua had reached her birth weight again!  Now she (and I) can sleep for four hour stretches at night – Yahoo!  My body has recovered remarkably fast compared to last time. I swear, after birthing Tilly it hurt to walk for weeks, but with Lua I felt pretty normal from the moment we came home from the hospital.  And I don’t really know how it’s possible, but I’ve lost 22 lbs since giving birth two weeks ago, with virtually no effort.  Our bodies are incredible, to say the least.


Josh is home with me for paternity leave through the end of this week, so I really need to soak it up. He has been taking Tilly to school in the mornings – it’s going to be a lot harder when I have to get all three of us out the door on my own! I’m glad we’re easing into it.


A lot of people have asked us where we got the name Lua.  I think it’s funny that it really does sound like a normal name to me, but it doesn’t have entries on the popular name websites like or  The name comes from a Bright Eyes song that Josh and I really loved when we started dating.  It’s kind of a sad song, but it’s really beautiful and symbolizes that special time in our lives.  I’ve had the melody stuck in my head the last two weeks, I just love it.  It also means “moon” in Portuguese, which I think is a perfect complement to the sunshine baby shower we had for Tilly.  They’re like yin and yang, opposites but perfectly balanced – kind of like me and my own sister actually.  And a magnolia is my favorite tree, although the name may also be subconsciously inspired by our favorite neighborhood restaurant, Magnolia Gastropub.  I love to sing “Sugar Magnolia” by the Grateful Dead and “Miss Magnolia” by Matt Costa to her as I sway her to sleep each night.


This weekend we’re going on a little trip to Discovery Bay for the Fourth of July, and we also just booked a flight to San Diego at the end of this month for Josh’s cousin’s wedding (Tilly’s the flower girl!).  Life rolls on, even after such life-altering events.  But now it’s a little sleepier and a lot sweeter!



Tilly turns four tomorrow and although I am taken aback by how swiftly the time has passed, I feel like she could be turning fourteen just as easily.  She charms the pants off of everyone she meets and befriends almost every adult in her path.  Kids?  Pshhh.  I want to get to know their parents and I’m going to ask them detailed questions about their lives until the cows come home.  The other day she offered advice to her school-mate’s mom about how to take care of the her dying plant.  Whenever I pick her up early from school, she has one of the teachers cornered, asking stories about their husbands, their youth, their houses, their weekend plans.  Her favorite thing to ask people is about “medical stories” – when they have broken bones or been in car accidents and how they got better.  Luckily, as an athletic trainer, Josh is a daily source of new medical stories and she just soaks it up. Family_dinner_date_with_my_loves.

The other thing I’ve noticed about Tilly this year is what a nurturer she is.  In my 39-week pregnant state, she is gravely concerned about my well being!  She’ll offer a hand to help me get up off the couch even when I don’t ask.  We often take showers together and she will thoroughly wash every single part of my body with such care and thoughtfulness.   It reminds me of that Audrey Hepburn quote, “if you want to have beautiful hair, let a child run her fingers through it every day.”  I’ve never been so clean or pampered and am just in awe of the love she drenches me in… and my God, she’s only three years old!


I walked in the living room this morning and she had turned on the record player by herself and was dancing to The Seekers covering “The Times They Are A’ Changing”.  I just sat down on the bench and marveled at her, but then she pulled me up and we twirled around together in the yellow morning sun.  It was beautiful.


We had a lovely little park celebration for her fourth birthday in Golden Gate Park last weekend.  I scheduled it early, since I’m due a week after her real birthday, and luckily I had plenty of friends and family to help put it all into action.  We invited ten girls and their parents – they decorated foam crowns and strung wooden bead necklaces and had their faces painted by Grandma Jill and joyfully ate cake with their hands because I forgot the forks.  When it was time to sing Happy Birthday, I let her make the announcement to the party guests herself.  “It’s cake time everyone!! Come on over!!” she bellowed.  Despite the foggy 61 degree weather, it was perfect.  The least I could do for my little peach.  Although I get wistful for the way she was at 1, 2 and 3 years old, I would never trade her current self in for one of them.  She’s a beacon of light in our lives and I treasure every moment I get with her!

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Love Day

We spent our Valentine’s Day at Baker Beach, basking in the sun just west of the Golden Gate Bridge.  (But staying out of that frigid water!)  Tilly was especially talkative, and chatted with some crab fisherman for the better part of an hour.  That night we made a heart-shaped pizza and assembled Tilly’s new big girl bed.  Pretty fantastic day!  New bedroom pics to come.


23 weeks


One of us is 23 weeks pregnant.  The other is not…  Also, Tilly got a haircut!!

22 weeks

We’re so excited to be bringing another girl into our family! Tilly came with us to the ultrasound and just kept repeating “I’m having a baby sister!” the entire time. She seemed pretty relieved, haha.

I’ve still been feeling great, with the most boring pregnancy of all time. I’ve gained 14 lbs and have been feeling kicks since about 18 weeks!

We’ve been traveling a ton – we’ve flown to SoCal every 2 weeks since thanksgiving for holidays, a work meetings, a wedding, etc. Our plan is to stay put until mid-March, when Tilly and I board yet another plane to Long Beach, to go camping on Catalina Island with my work. The last time we did that I was pregnant with Tilly!

I’m having fun organizing Tilly’s room to make space for the baby. We considered getting T a twin bed but man-they’re huge! She’s going to finally move out of her crib and into a simple toddler bed from toys r us. I love the ceremonious prep work for welcoming a new baby. I know she won’t need the crib until a few months after she’s born but it’s just nice to transform our space as we prepare for her arrival.

In other news, we cut Tilly off of her pacifier, cold turkey! She was still using it at night and it was just time.  After one week, she still cries for it every night but it is getting easier. I recently noticed that when she closes her mouth, her molars touch but her front teeth don’t and it freaked me out. I had always hoped she’d just get rid of it on her own but we had to go and pull the plug ourselves. She got to trade them all in for a new toy, which helped ease the pain too.  She chose a purple unicorn named Nicholas (but it’s a girl).

I’ll end with this video, which we made for my brother John’s birthday last week.  Lately we’ve been baking sweets for far-away family members birthdays and then just sending them pictures of us eating them in celebration of them.  It’s fun to celebrate far away!

The happiest place on Earth

Last month we took Tilly to Disneyland for the first time!! It was an especially big deal for Josh and me since we spent so much time there growing up. We were already in OC for a wedding and a few days before we left, we decided to extend our trip by one day and go for it. We were thinking about going later this spring but 18 weeks pregnant at Disneyland is much easier than 30 weeks!

Two nights before we planned on going, Tilly spent the whole night throwing up. It was actually the first time she’s thrown up since she was a baby and she was pretty disgusted by the whole thing. She never had a fever, but the point of me including this detail is that she was at about 75% energy by the time we went to Disneyland on Sunday. It was a blessing in disguise because she never got too wound up or had any meltdowns or anything. It was smooooth sailing the whole day!

She went on three rides, Dumbo, It’s a Small World, and Peter Pan, and was most excited to meet all the characters, Ariel, Merida, the Ferry Godmother, Peter Pan, Minnie Mouse, etc. My sister and Frank met us after lunch and it was so cute to see the little cousins frolicking around together. The worst part of the day was the automated flushing toilets. Tilly wanted nothing to do with them! Luckily we found the family bathroom on main street, which has toddler-sized toilets with nice, normal flushing mechanisms. Phew!

We watched a parade right before we left around 5pm, which Tilly was mesmerized by. She thought the whole place was magical, and I quite agree!!