Two Tone Curtains

Now that Tilly sleeps in her crib, we decided she needed some drapes. Especially after daylight savings, it’s still light out when she goes to bed at 6:30 or 7.

So I went to Cost Plus World Market this weekend and got some really gorgeous patterned drapes, but when I hung them up the patterns didn’t match! I went back to the store the next day and after digging through every package, I realized none of them would line up when hung. Ugh. So I looked around at some others, and recalled a pinterest image that had two different color drapes…I picked yellow and orange and they actually cost $20 less than the originals!

I love the way they look and the modern, fun spin they add to the room. Also I think it’s fitting that the room is already split into a nursery and office, so why not emphasize that with the drapes?

Although I now wish I had hung the curtain rod higher, I’m pretty stoked on the outcome. It’s fun and fancy at the same time!


4 responses to “Two Tone Curtains

  1. Love Love Love! Goes so well with the mobile too : )

  2. I absolutley love the two tone curtains!!! It really adds warmth and spice to the room!

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