Tilly at 2.5 years

T: Mama, I need a prince.

M: Oh wow.  Hmmm…..

T: How about Papa?

Tilly 2.5

Time is flying!  I’ve been wrapped up in studying for my CAE certification exam for the past few months and had to put the blog on hold.  But my test was last Friday and now I’m happy to fully immerse myself in the holidays!

Tilly had her half birthday on Friday… she’s 2 and a half but sometimes I swear she’s 14.  Lots of personality, preferences, and well… pink!  In my usual form, here’s a bullet list of all things Tilly, followed by some pictues:

  • The one and only thing on Tilly’s christmas list is a pony.  I thought this type of thing was an urban legend… who planted a pet pony in her brain??  She didn’t specify a live pony, so we may be looking for a stable play set or something…
  • She’s developed a bit of a stutter and it really frustrates her!  She says things like “mama, my words are stuck” and asks me to make a doctors appointment so the doctor can fix her mouth.  It blows my mind that she’s this aware of it…  Luckily Josh’s mom is a speech therapist and said we shouldn’t worry, most stutters for kids this age go away on their own.  It’s not even there all the time, mostly just when she’s overwhelmed or tired.
  • We are still at zero progress on potty training!  We’ve  coaxed her with all kinds of rewards, but once she sits on the potty, she says “it’s not working” and jumps right off.
  • She loves pretend play, including tea parties, puppets, play kitchen, dress up, and doctor’s office.
  • We love to have dance parties in the living room!  I made some “ribbon dancers” by taping streamers onto chop sticks and we twirl around dancing to records.  She’s just figured out how to dance on her tippy toes, and I’m trying to get her to call it releve, like in ballet.
  • Favorite show is still Caillou, favorite foods are cereal and apples, favorite movie is Sleeping Beauty.
  • I’m not sure of her height or weight…but she slept in a size 18 month pajama set last night with no complaints!

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