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Fab Colors

Obsessed with these colors. 

From here.


I guess I really like garland for holiday decor. (remember valentines day?)  These simple bats are festive but not over the top – they’d be so cute hanging in a window… spotted on Apartment Therapy.

Be Bold!

Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.  -Goethe (via Almost Famous)

Awesome staircase via Holly Dyment Design


If you’re into revamping furniture, Manhattan Nest is a must read blog (Josh and Jackie, I’m looking at you).  He goes into so much detail and chocks each post full of sass and attitude.  It’s perfect.  Here’s a good place to start: Desk with a View.

Katie Daisy

I’ve never met her, but I think we’d get along quite nicely.  Check out her happy artwork!


It’s been such a dreary May, Katie Daisy’s website & etsy shop are a suitable replacement for sunshine.

Book Stand

Our San Francisco bedroom is so small – this nightstand would be perfect!  From here via here.

Remember that cool little wooden thing I found on the street a few weeks ago?  I decided to put a pretty bowl in it and use it for pennies for our vintage candy machine (which was a fantastic wedding gift, btw).

when life doesn’t give you lemons

…put a lemon tree inside your house.  That’s what I’d like to do!  Doesn’t it look lovely?  We have an azalea tree on our teeny tiny porch, but I don’t think it would do well inside. 

{I found this picture on Cup Of Jo}


Isn’t this tablecloth amazing?  The fantastic Kelly Oshiro made it for The City Sage.  Love her.

Curly Love

Isn’t this cute?  Get the deets & make some!